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RK Circuit Breakers


Featuring Reconditioned Circuit Breakers by:
  • Cutler Hammer / Westinghouse
  • Federal Pacific (FPE) / American
  • General Electric (GE)
  • Siemens / ITE
  • Square D
circuit breakers

RK Circuit Breakers specializes in Reconditioned with warranty of hard to find or obsolete breakers by GE, Federal Pacific, Cuttler Hammer, Siemens and Square D.  

Circuit Breakers are tested by use of a Secondary Injection test kit to the breaker's trip unit, this test's that the electronics in the breaker are functional. They are also tested for Ground Fault, Long Time, and Short Time Delay. Once the breakers have passed this phase of the test they are tested for high current test set. This machine actually runs amperage through the circuit breaker and verifies that it can actually handle the required loads by Long Time again and Instantaneous to see when the breaker trips and at what amperage. If the breaker passes this phase of the test the breaker is certified and warrantied for 1 year. Test reports can be included if you desire to have a copy.




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